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About Us

'Meine Küche' is here to change the way kitchens were ever planned, functioned or even customized. We bring comfort and convenience to your kitchen and give shape to your idea of a perfect kitchen. Come shape your dream kitchen with us.

Our service starts with studying your kitchen space, suggesting and advising the right designs. We install and offer after sales service to our customers. Thus, we are here to provide end to end modern kitchen solutions.

Our Offerings

Designer & Highly functional 'Customized Modular Kitchens' with:
  • European Engineering and Precision.
  • Organized & Customized Solutions.
  • End-to-end Solutions for complete Kitchen Interiors.

Customized Solutions

'Meine Küche' gives you the perfect combination & best of both 'Factory-made Standard Kitchen' and 'Customized Carpentered Kitchen' as a result of which we delight you with the benefits & advantages of 'Factory-made Customized Modular Kitchens'.

We provide you with modular kitchens which best fit your requirements. You can choose each and every component of your kitchen. And this is how we deliver you 'Your Kitchen. Your Way'.

Organize your Kitchen

'Meine Küche' believes in innovation that cares for your comfort and style. Your time in the kitchen with your loved ones is precious. You want this time to be enjoyable and hassle free. As you prefer things to be organized your way, we help you organize your kitchen just the way you want with our customized designs.

Most Advanced Technological Innovations

'Meine Küche' partners with Häfele & Blum to bring in German engineering & precision to our Products & Services. The latest solutions like 'Servo-Drive' allows handle-less openings for drawers & lift-ups with a light touch, while your hands are busy doing something else. This creates more freedom of motion as well as high opening comfort. Many such solutions are available which offer innovative designs and highly functional solutions.

Smart designs with more space

'Meine Küche' is always on the look out to improve its offerings. Our kitchen designs are smart solutions that use smart techniques. Techniques like Orga-line make sure that your storage space is well organized. Innovative Tandem-box pull-outs with high backs and closed side walls give 55% more storage per pull out.

Expert design services with aid in Product selection

'Meine Küche' team comprises of Kitchen specialists who have the expertise in translating your requirements and preferences into a perfect Design configuration. The choices we offer are many to confuse anyone. But, our Kitchen specialists help you figure out what suits your needs & space requirements the best !

Environment friendly

'Meine Küche' products are internationally certified to the highest standards in the Kitchen industry. We have earned this recognition by adopting modern practices, environmentally friendly products, non-toxic glues and varnishes and other ecology friendly materials as a result of which we manufacture a product that is completely recyclable.

Life-time warranties on Hardware fittings

'Meine Küche' offers kitchens fitted with high-quality Blum fitments which come with a Life-time warranty. This warranty confirms that in the unlikely event of any defects occurring during the normal usage of the products, Meine Küche will offer complete support to you and free substitution of these parts.

'Meine Küche' is absolutely YOU. Your kitchen is an expression of your personality, desire and preferences. Come express yourself with 'Meine Küche'